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  Audio  CE  Changing Work Cultures to Improve Patient Safety
Date:   9/20/2012Time:   2:15 PM EDT-3:15 PM EDTThe multidisciplinary unit team is in an excellent position to lead, participate and design the necessary changes required in an acute care setting to meet the patient safety agenda healthcare is faced with today. The key to successful error reduction is the ability to change the current culture of blame and fear of punishment to a unit culture that sees mistakes as information that must be analyzed in order to change systems that support the employee. Although cultural change is most often an opportunity for growth and expansion, it is frequently looked upon with great fear and uncertainty.

Clearly, the organizational structure and unit culture will shape clinical practice and often determines how medical errors are reported and managed. How do we create a value change and develop an environment that fosters professional growth and enthusiasm towards change, self-review and continuous quality improvement? This session will focus on front-line strategies from the literature as well as developed and implemented in a unit to enhance the staff''s feelings of personal power, ownership in their own destiny and a solid functioning team proactively changing their environment and in the process reducing medical errors.

Program Objectives:
  • Identify several factors that have contributed to unhealthy work cultures and unsafe patient environment.
  • Discuss different evaluation strategies to determine current unit values and safety culture.
  • Compare and contrast the different strategies implemented to alter the unit culture and begin the process of redefining a safe unit culture.
  • Describe outcome measures used to identify successful achievement in creating a proactive environment for change to achieve safety & quality.
Kathleen M. Vollman, MSN, RN, CCNS, FCCM, FAAN
  Kathleen is a Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist, Educator and Consultant. Ms. Vollman has published & lectured throughout North & South America and overseas on a variety of pulmonary, critical care & professional nursing topics. She earned her nursing degree from Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan and her Master's in Critical Care Nursing from California State University in Long Beach. From 1989 to 2003 she functioned in the role of Clinical Nurse Specialist for the Medical Critical Care Area at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit Michigan. Currently her company, ADVANCING NURSING LLC, is focused on creating empowered work environments for nurses through the acquisition of greater skills and knowledge. In 2009, Kathleen was inducted into the American Academy of Nurses. In addition she designed & developed the Vollman Prone Positioner. Ms. Vollman is listed in Who's Who of American Inventors.

Ms. Vollman would like to disclose that she is a Consultant and on the Speaker's Bureau for Eloquest Healthcare, Hill-Rom, and Sage Products Inc. Ms. Vollman will present information fairly and without bias.
Registrations are welcome and accepted up until the program’s scheduled date.
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