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  iQast  CE  Development of a Compounding Personnel Training Program, Practical Approaches and Strategies, for <797> Compliance.
Date:   8/24/2012Time:   2:15 PM EDT-3:15 PM EDTEvery person in your practice setting who compounds CSPs must have the education, training, and experience to perform their assigned job functions properly since patient safety is the paramount concern. If there is any confusion regarding this, it is important to note that USP General Chapter <797> opens with its objective clearly stated: …to describe conditions and practices to prevent harm, including death, to patients…."

The robust Responsibility of Compounding Personnel section of USP General Chapter <797> highlights the importance of proper personnel training and maintaining of complete training documentation in aseptic manipulation of CSPs for all personnel that compound CSPs regardless of their professional credential or function within your health system.

Program Objectives:
  • Outline the USP <797> Chapter requirements regarding the responsibility of all compounding personnel.
  • Describe the products and services available which can assist a health system in compliance with chapter requirements and other applicable regulation.
  • Outline the steps involved in developing an action plan to aid the operation's compliance plan for CSP compounding training for all personnel.
Objectives for Pharmacy Technicians:
  • Explain the importance of a well designed compounding training program for CSPs.
  • Describe the key elements of USP <797> that relate to compounder training.
  • Identify sources of training materials for your CSP training program in everyday practice.
Lou Diorio, RPh
  Lou Diorio, RPh, is a principal of LDT Health Solutions, Inc a quality management consulting company with over 40 years of pharmacy expertise serving clients nationwide. Lou is a graduate of Long Island University's Schwartz College of Pharmacy. Lou is an adjunct Professor of Pharmacy Practice for the college and a preceptor of pharmacy students. Lou is a member of the Executive Dean's experiential education committee. Lou has extensive experience in IV and extemporaneous compounding, and lectures, writes, and consults on these topics. He has managed an FDA-registered cGMP manufacturing operation for Coram Healthcare (SoluNet™ LLC). Most recently Lou was asked by the NJ Board of Pharmacy to join a select committee reviewing the Board's regulatory changes in response to changes in regulation as a direct result of USP 797. Lou is the 2008-2009 Chair of APhA's APPM Academy of Practice and Management. Since 1985 Lou has practiced in many clinical settings fulfilling many roles, including Chief Operating Officer of Hebrew Hospital Corporate services, a multi-centered sub acute and LTC hospital system in NY. He has also managed & practiced in home-care, hospital, and retail settings. Mr. Diorio lectures and develops educational materials for big-pharma on sales & marketing topics.

Lou Diorio, RPh has disclosed no relevant, real or apparent personal or professional financial relationships.
Registrations are welcome and accepted up until the program’s scheduled date.
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