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  On Demand  CE  Coaching: The Great and Not So Great Employees
Employee performance exists along a continuum. The management of employee performance exists along a continuum. In this audio conference, you will walk away with a tailored plan to improve the performance of employees along the entire range of the continuum from marginal performance to high performance.
Learning Objectives:
  • Define the elements of work performance.
  • Describe the continuum of performance at work.
  • Identify where along the continuum your employees sit with regard to performance.
  • Explain the relationship between employee performance and managerial effectiveness particularly coaching skills.
  • Implement a five-step model for improving employee performance.
  • Create an organizational fail-safe mechanism in cases where employees simply cannot or will not meet performance expectations.
William Marty Martin, PsyD, MPH, MA, MS
  Dr. Marty Martin is a sought after speaker and trainer for healthcare organizations across the U.S. and the world. His work has guided hospital departments, medical groups, and management teams in developing a strategic plan, addressing disruptive behavior, and managing conflict and burnout. Marty is the author of Taming Disruptive Behavior published by the American College of Physician Executives. As an author, his work has been featured in the USA Today, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal. Unlike many speakers and trainers, Marty has worked on the front lines in healthcare as a licensed clinical health psychologist focusing on behavioral sleep medicine and health coaching as well as a upper level manager in organizations such as The Johns Hopkins Hospital. He currently serves on several hospital and health system boards where he is responsible for providing strategic guidance on integrating community benefit with population health.

William Marty Martin has disclosed no relevant, real or apparent personal or professional financial relationships.
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